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SSV Resorts, sprawled across 5 acres near Rajahmundry’s airport, is your ultimate destination for unforgettable gatherings. Ideal for kitty parties, birthdays, business conferences, and family reunions, our resort offers luxurious AC rooms, a sparkling swimming pool, campfire nights, kids’ play areas, cricket pitches, scenic viewpoints, and selfie spots. With comprehensive facilities and breathtaking surroundings, create lasting memories with us. Book now and seize the moment!

Our Facilities


Cricket Box


Table Tennis

Swimming Pool

High Jump

Photo Spot

Luxury AC rooms

Fire camp

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SSV Resorts offers a picturesque retreat nestled on 5 acres near Rajahmundry’s airport, providing an array of amenities for unforgettable gatherings and tranquil getaways.

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The Reasons Why we are ?

SSV Resorts is our top choice for its sprawling 5-acre proximity to Rajahmundry’s airport, promising a harmonious blend of luxury and natural surroundings. Boasting a diverse array of amenities including a swimming pool, campfire area, cricket box, and scenic viewpoints, it provides the perfect backdrop for memorable gatherings, business conferences, and family reunions. Its comprehensive facilities ensure an unforgettable experience, making it the ideal destination for both leisure and business travelers alike.

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